Moms Mayhem Monday: How- to “tame” your week by preparing.

  • Posted on: 08, 02, 2010

Mom (and Dad) has always said, plan ahead!  As a parent I too have learned (the hard way) that preparing for anything makes your day run more smoothly.

Packing lunches for work the night before can give you 10-15 minutes extra sleep, or time to chat with the family over breakfast, or time to get ready for work!

Enlist your families help with grocery shopping, or menu planning on the weekend. So you can keep it healthy and low stress on a Monday evening.

There are simple family organizers online that you can print for Free such as:  and online like  Let’s not forget the Free apps for (us happy geeks) on your smart phone nowadays like the iPhone’s “Grocery iQ”,where you can scan your fridge inventory  and even share your grocery list with your spouse!  That’s what I call organized!

So here’s to an an organized week, and no-mayhem Monday!