Improve Listening for Business Success

  • Posted on: 09, 19, 2013

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” – Epictetus

Listen to your clients!

Listen to your clients!

This is as true in business as it is in life. Business success depends on your ability to listen. When you fail to listen to what another person is saying you impede your ability to respond effectively. Many times people are so focused on what they want to say that they forget to be active listeners. When it appears that they are listening while another person is speaking they are actually only waiting for their chance to speak next. This is an unfortunate part of everyday life and at one time or another we have all had to experience it.

5 Steps to improve your listening that will help you succeed in business and in life…

1. When someone is speaking, stop thinking about what you’re going to say next and just LISTEN! You can’t possibly give a great response if you don’t fully understand what the person is saying. You need to take a step back and truly listen. Hear what the person is saying and try to understand where they are coming from.

2. When someone is speaking, try to understand them. Don’t just listen to their words but understand what makes them say it. Everyone has a reason for the things that they say, if you can figure out theirs then you’ll have a better chance at understanding their needs and you’ll be able to respond effectively.

3. Focus. Avoid distractions when you’re listening to someone speak. This includes external and internal distractions. If your boss is talking to you about something work related you should not be thinking about something that happened last night at home. Keep your mind present in the moment and let what the other person is saying determine what you say next.

4. If possible, take notes. Jotting down keywords to remind you of what is being said in a conversation, sales call, or meeting is a great way to formulate a better response. Highlighting key points and remembering what was most important to the other person is how you can help provide the solution they want and need.

5. Make every conversation about the other person and you’ll see how it affects the results. You’ll notice that people will want to talk to you more. Sales will increase, colleagues will enjoy working with you more, and your overall life will improve because of the people around you.

At A. Harrington Limousine Service (HLS) we train our team to listen to our clients’ needs. We are in a service industry and in order to be successful we must acknowledge that our job is to “serve”. We understand that in order to do so we must discover the needs of our clients and develop solutions to address those needs. At HLS we’re here for you.

A. Harrington Limousine Service (HLS) has been committed to excellence in the chauffeured ground transportation industry for over 90 years. With a renowned commitment to client satisfaction and quality assurance HLS is second to none in providing a quality experience for people on the move. If you would like information or to speak to an HLS Travel Consultant about your ground transportation solutions please, feel free to call us at 732-549-5500 or 1-800-458-LIMO (5466) or visit us at “Anywhere you need us to be!”

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