Hands Free Means Don’t Touch

  • Posted on: 12, 03, 2014

distracted driving blogPosted on November 12, 2014 by Jim Luff to LCTmag.com

I see so many people driving down the road holding their phones in the air and talking. I suppose they believe that since the speaker function is on that they are using it in “hands free” mode. This could work if you were not touching your phone and it was in the console. But holding it near your head with the speaker on doesn’t comply with the law. Your best bet is to adhere to the policy of “Engine on – Cell phone off.

Any use of the cell phone while driving is a distraction. Even answering calls on your Bluetooth device is a momentary distraction. Turning the phone OFF means you will have zero distractions. When you turn the phone back on, all your text messages and all your phone messages will still be accessible to you. Most of those messages, by the way, can wait until you stop driving. Picture this: You hit a woman pushing a stroller in a crosswalk. Your life would never be the same again.

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