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  • Posted on: 03, 28, 2014

Business Insights:Your clients are more than just a checkbook.

Your clients are more than just checkbooks.

Your clients are more than just checkbooks.

This is the dilemma that most people face in today’s market place. Most companies, no matter what the industry, have long been looking at their clients as revenue streams instead of actual people. They have failed to take the time to understand their clients and more importantly who they are and what they need. Don’t fall into this trap. Be the exception to the rule and create a company culture that stands above the rest in client satisfaction because of one core belief. Your clients are more than just a checkbook.

In the chauffeured transportation industry this is one of the biggest keys in separating the great companies from the rest. When an owner, CEO, or manager can convey the message of understanding and empathy to their employees and team members the company as a whole improves. The key to this is explaining it in a way that everyone can understand.

When training chauffeurs and reservation specialists the key is to making them understand that at the heart of every reservation is a person with a real life need. They might be a busy executive who needs to make it to an extremely important meeting.  An overworked salesman on his way home from a long business trip looking forward to seeing his family. Or they may even be a bride and groom on the most important day of their lives. No matter who the person is, you can be sure that there will always be a story behind every reservation.

Your job as a company isn’t to know their story. Your job is to understand that their story is an important one and that you should do everything in your power to make sure that the chapter written by you is a memorable one…

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