5 Keys to Success

  • Posted on: 10, 02, 2013

Keys to Success. There are many different definitions of the word success. Each person has their own. Some find success in money, some find it in happiness, and others find it in freedom, but regardless of your definition these are the universal keys to achieving it. 

5 Keys to Success

5 Keys to Success

Key to Success 1. Honesty: Honesty is a major key to success. In order to be successful one must practice honesty in every aspect of your life. Be honest with friends. Be honest with colleagues but most importantly be honest with yourself. Until then you’ll never be able to achieve genuine success because any semblance of success achieved would have been based on a lie.

Key to Success 2. Dedication: Without dedication nothing in life is possible. Sometimes things take time. If you quit before you realize your dreams you’ll always have to wonder “what if?”. Come up with a plan and stick to it. Dedicate yourself to not only achieving your goal but to figuring out “how” to achieve your goal. Without dedication you’ll only succeed at failure.

Key to Success 3. Appreciation: Appreciate the little things. For every obstacle you overcome, every small victory, and every time you could of stopped but decided to push through, appreciate your efforts. Appreciate the people around you and appreciate where the resources this day in age has available for you. It has never been more “possible” to achieve your goals than it is today. Take advantage of the times.

Key to Success 4. Passion: Passion is necessary for anything you do in life. If you have no passion than nothing in life is worth doing. If you wish to succeed, be passionate about your objectives. Give it all you got. Never slack off and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Passion is burning fire in your soul that compels you to continue when others would quit. If you’re fortunate enough to have something you’re passionate about, succumb to it. Let it take over and you’ll see how success becomes that much more possible.

Key to Success 5. Commitment: When you decide on what your idea of success is, don’t stop until you achieve it. Commitment is what will keep you going. It’ll keep you focused when life’s distractions try to throw you off. I once heard someone say “You should never have a plan B because having a plan B takes away from plan A.” Never accept failure. Having a plan B gives you a safety net for failure. If Thomas Edison would have had a plan B would he have finished inventing the light bulb after failure 999?

At A. Harrington Limousine Service (HLS) we put our team and our clients in the best position to succeed. We are in a service industry and in order to be successful we must acknowledge that our job is to “serve”. We understand that in order to do so we must discover the needs of our clients and develop solutions to address those needs. At HLS we’re here for you.

A. Harrington Limousine Service (HLS) has been committed to excellence in the chauffeured ground transportation industry for over 90 years. With a renowned commitment to client satisfaction and quality assurance HLS is second to none in providing a quality experience for people on the move. If you would like information or to speak to an HLS Travel Consultant about your ground transportation solutions please, feel free to call us at 732-549-5500 or 1-800-458-LIMO (5466) or visit us at www.harringtonlimo.com. “Anywhere you need us to be!”

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