5 business travel tips

  • Posted on: 02, 12, 2014

Business Travel Tips to make your next trip your best trip.

Business travel tips

Business Travel tips.. Make your next trip your best trip

Traveling for business can seem fun but more times than not it is actually a pretty taxing experience. The challenges of preparing to travel and then actually getting to and from your destination can leave you exhausted and stressed. Here at 5 great tips to make business travel a much easier experience. Make your next trip your best trip and reserve your car service with HLS today!

Business travel tip 1: Prepacking

For a person that travels often having a pre-packed to-go bag is a great idea. Having a to-go bag packed with toiletries, electronics chargers, extra change of clothes, a business shirt, socks, and an extra tie will come a long way when you’re rushing to pack for your next business trip. Save yourself the stress and time by having your packing halfway done. Remember to restock your to-go bag every time you return from a trip so it’s ready for next time.

Business travel tip 2: Avoid wrinkling your sports jacket and tie

Whenever I travel I like to wear my main suit jacket with a pair of nice jeans and a tie. This way I ensure that I don’t wrinkle my suit jacket or tie by trying to stuff them into my luggage. Another option is to take your tie and roll it up tightly around something small and place it in a plastic bag. When you don’t have to worry about trying to iron your jacket and tie when you’re running late to your business meeting you’ll be grateful you thought ahead.

Business travel tip 3: Eat right and stay active

Whenever possible during business travel practice good eating habits and try to fit in some exercise. We all know that it’s hard to plan meals while away on business but failing to do so will be to your detriment. Eating healthy will keep you feeling fresh and alert so that you can dedicate your full strength to your business goals. For long flights make an effort to get up and take a walk to the restroom every so often just to stretch your legs and to let your blood circulate. Also, if the hotel you choose to stay at has a gym, take advantage of it and go. A good work out is the best way to start or end any day.

Business travel tip 4: Beat jet lag

If you have the luxury of choosing your flight try to schedule one that allows you to arrive early enough to get some business done or late enough so that you can get straight to bed on your arrival. Also, if you arrive early and feel a little tired try a power nap. A 20 minute nap works wonders for recharging your batteries for the day. Avoid sleeping pills and alcoholic beverages for sleep aids they will only do more harm than good in the end.

Business travel tip 5: Pre-book your car service

When you travel for business being on time is always key. Don’t take chances on taxis or car services with bad or no reputations. You wouldn’t travel on a airline that you weren’t sure was of good quality and had a great reputation. The same should be the case when choosing a car service. Call ahead and speak with their staff. Ask questions and find out their procedures before deciding to put your trips fate in their hands. A great service can be a great asset to any business trip so choose wisely and you won’t regret it.

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